Monday, February 01, 2016

What is Holding You Captive?

God has been so good to me.  He never fails to remember His children, for which I am so thankful.  Just as God freed the Israelite people from the Egyptians, so God can free us from those things which hold us captive.  When the children of Israel felt imprisoned by the demands of the Egyptians, God gave Moses this wonderful message, "And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day:  for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.  The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace" (Exodus 14:13-14). He not only frees us from captivity, but guides us in a life that is joyous!  What a Savior I serve!  Are you serving Christ today?  He will be your Shepherd if you simply ask.  There is no better way to live than to live for Him who gave His life for you! Wondrous peace will flow from your heart as you follow His Word and are surrendered to His will for your life.  Ask Him into your life today.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How is Your Day?

The day is beautiful.  The sun is shining.  The temperature is just right.  The grass is perfectly green. The trees are budding. This type of day makes me think about my own heart, and creates in me the desire to be more like my Master, the perfect and true One!  Is "The Son" shining so brightly that others see HIS love radiating through me?  Is my "demeanor" or my temperature, so to speak, one that is attractive to others and draws them to the Saviour?  What about the "color" of my life?  Does it show forth peacefulness and cheerfulness, rather than dull, bored, or anger-filled living?  God expects His children to share Him with others through living; through the example that is represented day after day.  May God help me to follow Christ carefully and prayerfully.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I hate changes.  Anything new or different is a big mountain for me.  Are there others who feel the same as I?  There have been many changes in my life these past few months; changes I appreciate and others that have left me feeling blue.

I graduated from college in May of this past year.  What a relief!  I don't have that haunting feeling of continual work to accomplish nagging at me and eating away at my inner-most being!  This is one change for which I am thankful!

My younger daughter, Evangelyn, married her sweetheart, Joseph Bailey, in October.  This has been a huge change, and one that has made our home very different and a little lonely-feeling. She married a young man whom she had dated for a few years. Thankfully, they are living in our general area so we get to see them quite often.

Joshua is growing up way to fast for this Mamma.  When I look back and see his younger pictures, I am amazed at how time has flown.  However, I am so very thankful for a little boy around to make things seem less lonely!

Our older daughter, Christianna, married her man, Matthew Clark, in January of this year. Although Christianna has been away from home for a while now since she went to college for five years in Cincinnati, she now lives in far-away Alabama with her new husband. Instead of two hours away, she is now ten hours away!  Her visits are few and far between!  This seems like a big change that is a little more difficult to swallow.  

Changes!  Have you had any in your life lately?  How do you react to them?  I am thankful for a Heavenly Father to go to with all my cares.  I know He understands.  "Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you"  (I Peter 5:7).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bold for Christ

Today is Sunday, and the day we set aside for worship and praise to our Heavenly Father.  Today is the day we go to church and worship together.  Usually.  However, it is a little different on this day. Another snowstorm has come through and changed our usual plans.  I do not like days when I cannot do the normal ... when I have to stay home whether I want to or not.  I especially dislike not being able to go to the House of God and worship together with other fellow believers.  The day seems so long and so very different.  I don't know why God chose His day for a snowstorm, but He knows.  Our family gathered together in our little living room, read the Bible together, sang together, and prayed together. My hubby and I dug some children's stories out (for Kid's Club), and colored for a good portion of the afternoon.  Fun! Joshua had a great time along with us coloring his own pictures.

The highlight of my day though, was to finish reading a biography of Julia Shelhamer.  She was an exceptional lady for sure!  As I read through the book, I was convicted time and again of the little I am doing for Christ.  This lady passed out tracts continually.  She shared the gospel frequently and went searching for lost souls with the hope of bringing them to Christ.  Too often, we wait for the opportune time or the perfect setting.  Not so with Julia.  She was bold for Christ; and looked for ways to be a blessing and a light to others.  Her husband, Elmer Shelhamer, was often gone away from home preaching in revivals.  Julia felt lonesome and hopeless while he was away.  Finally, one day she decided to do something about it. She purchased her own tent, acquired some chairs, had them set up, and began preaching her own services.  God helped her, and the audience grew until it was overcrowded with lost souls seeking God.  The Lord blessed her efforts time and again through her spunk,boldness, and genuine concern over the lost. Then I started thinking .... I have always depended upon my husband for leadership in things that we do; after-all, I am just a woman. It is not my place to lead.  However, on Judgment Day, I will not be judged for what my husband accomplishes, but for what I have accomplished.  May God help me to be dependent upon Him instead of my earthly husband for everything I do.  May I be BOLD for Christ!

Julia Shelhamer tried and was successful in many forms of ministry.  She was involved in a boat/river ministry, starting a mission in Washington D.C., a telephone ministry, street meeting ministry, a pastoral ministry, and others.  All of these were successful.  She did not give up when funds were low; she did not consider anything a failure, but kept working for God despite adverse circumstances at times.  May God help me to be faithful, and to seek and save the lost.  I want to be busy about the Master's business. How about you?  Read the book and I am sure you will be convicted too.  (*The book is entitled, "Julia:  Giantess in Generosity" by Glen Williamson.  You must read it -- you won't be able to put it down!)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

News from Home

It has been months since I have posted anything on my blog.  School and the responsibilities of life seem to have a way of taking up most of my time. However, this evening I have some time on my hands, since our Sunday evening church service was cancelled due to bad weather alerts in our area. We did not think it would be wise to have church when tornadoes and high winds were predicted during the time of our services.  

Besides taking college classes myself, I am now homeschooling Joshua through the A Beka program.  I really like it so far, and am impressed with his quick progress.  He can read quite a few words already with the short vowel sounds.  He recently has been reading sentences!  This coming week he will be learning how to add two numbers together.  He also is learning to write in cursive.  This seems a little early, but he seems to be doing okay with it too.

We will be celebrating Joshua's 6th Birthday on Friday.  He is growing up way too fast.  He lost his first tooth about a month ago!  He was very proud of that!  

May each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

He lost his first tooth!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Views of our Family Vacation

A beautiful picnic area where we ate our lunch one day
A mama bear under the tree sitting on the ground protecting her 3 cubs in the tree
Blown up picture of the Mama Bear

Cades Cove, Smokies, Tennessee

Daddy and his girls
My darling hubby

A strange picture of us ~ it was sprinkling  (It rained almost every day on our vacation)
Of course, he had to fall in the mud when we had no extra clothes with us!

Christianna and Evangelyn
Beautiful scenery in the Smokies
The Skylift

Daddy and his two boys




From the highest point in the Smokies, and yes, it was torture getting up there!  :)
From Clingman's Dome
Again.  You are supposed to be able to see a few states from this vantage point on a clear day, but it was cloudy and very cool up there
Nathan getting ready to "fly" around the go-kart track
A blurry picture of James and Christianna riding the go-carts!
The girls drenching their Dad and little Bro!!  :P
Mommy and my little Buddy, Joshua

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picture Assortment

Joshua learning to ride his bike without training wheels
My Mother's Day gifts
Nathan on his 19th Birthday, May 13th
The youngest, oldest, and mother with the most children at the Voice of Victory Bible Methodist Church where we pastor - Mother's Day
All of the Mothers present on Mother's Day at our church
Nathan and I on Mother's Day
My two boys on Mother's Day
My children on Mother's Day
My two girls on Mother's Day
My parents on Dad's 70th Birthday
My brother, Sheldon, and his wife, Erin celebrating Dad's 70th  Birthday
Kelly and Andrew, two of Sheldon's children
Stephanie, Sheldon's oldest daughter
Dawson, Sheldon's youngest son
McKenna (Sheldon's youngest daughter) and Joshua, best cousins
Nathan, being silly
Christianna and her boyfriend, Matthew
Evangelyn and her boyfriend, Joseph, at Dad's birthday celebration
I don't know why I am not more consistent in updating my blog.  I guess it is a lack of motivation at times.  The pictures I have uploaded are an assortment of various events and activities in our lives over the past few months.  Yes, some are even before Memorial Day, my last post.  ha!  Evangelyn just celebrated her 20th birthday on Father's Day, and I realized I didn't even take any pictures.  :(  I am horrible about remembering to take photos of different occasions.  I did take pictures of James on Father's Day, but for some reason, it is not showing up on my camera.  Hmmm ....